What is the best breakfast right before cycling?

  • Sometimes I feel I will faint when I am cycling in the morning. I usually don't have this problem after lunch.

    My breakfast is rich in carbohydrates, but maybe I'm eating too much or missing some nutrients.

    Consider what you have the day before as well. I'd consider fueling for an early morning ride by eating a decent dinner the night before, and then a quite light breakfast to start you up. Then once you're riding and warm, use gels and chocolate and bliss balls as suits you.

  • Entirely depends on the lenght of ride. If you're riding for less than 2 hours then your body already has everything on board that it needs. If you're working for more than 2 hours you should eat complex carbs (pasta, oatmeal) 2 hours before the ride so that they have time to digest before you actually need them.

    Also eating too much just before can limit your performance as your body also has to work to digest a load of food in your stomach. Adding links to answer the comment below.

    I eat a small bowl of Cheerios with some fruit thrown in for flavour. I ride most morning at about 5:30am. If I'm working hard (either 2 plus hours or 2 hours really hard workout) I'll carry some Gatorade diluted 50/50 (I find it's easier on my stomach).

    When I ride 100k+ or century length I make sure I get up and eat 3 hours before the ride. Then drink 50/50 Gatorade till the ride. During the ride I drink both 50/50 mix and water. I also start refueling with food after about 30 minutes. Small bites of energy bars, bananas, whatever your stomach can handle.

    What type of conditions do you ride in? Is it really hot? Are you drinking enough fluids? If you lose more than 2 pounds on a ride you're not drinking enough. What is your exertion level? Are you going too hard for too long for your fitness level?

    Someone below also mentioned protein. Many of the 'higher end' sports drinks also come in a protein variety. The reading I've done at the very least suggests that you eat protein and carbs within 30 -45 minutes after a ride to maximize the recovery/refueling of your muscles.

    I disagree on the second sentence, but good answer otherwise. +1

    @neilfein why do you disagree? The reading I've done supports the claim. I'ved added links above to appropriate reading.

    Because of how *my* body works -- protein before a long day's ride gives me a lot of energy, even though it doesn't last for as long as carbs. Maybe I'm atypical?

    fair enough, learning what works for you is another important step in this. I know what I can and can't eat on long rides. Also why I dilute sports drinks b/c I know that they don't sit well at full strength.

    FY Cheerios are probably the cereal-derivation. Elsewhere in the world, Cheerios are a small cocktail saveloy.

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