Shortest code to throw IllegalArgumentException in Java

  • Okey, we all know the normal way to throw a IllegalArgumentException in Java:

    throw new IllegalArgumentException(); // 37 characters

    But there must be a shorter (as in less characters) ways to do so.
    How can we produce a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException with even less code?

    • The code fragment has to compile and run in java 7.

    • No imports/external packages (e.g. not using java.util.Arrays.toString() )

      • only exception: java.lang because it is automatically imported.

    • You can add own

    • It must throw a java.lang.IllegalArgumentException

      • Edit: the error output (stacktrace) must name it java.lang.IllegalArgumentException, so no subclasses of it.

    To have a base to start from:

    class Titled {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    throw new IllegalArgumentException();

  • These were all found by grepping the source code in the package java.lang.

    All of them result in a "pure" IllegalArgumentException (i.e. not a subclass of it).

    The ones marked * only work if you add " throws Exception" (18 characters) to your main declaration, as they throw a checked exception of some kind.

    12 (30?) characters*


    This will result in:

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: timeout value is negative

    22 (40?) characters*

    new Thread().join(-1);

    22 characters


    30 characters


    No, it will not compile because it can throw a `InterruptedException`.

    The compiler will error: `unreported exception InterruptedException; must be caught or declared to be thrown`

    @luckydonald Hm, it does? I tested it on Ideone and it seemed to work.

    Whoops, Ideone automatically adds `throws Exception` to the `main` method. I've added a note in my post.

    Ideone tends to automatically add `throws java.lang.Exception` which will allow the `InterruptedException` to pass the compiler. (Also Ideone imports `java.util.*` and `*`)

    Mwhahaha! I managed to find my `IllegalArgumentException` by memory. No need for tools like grep. Except the changed rules make it invalid. :-(

    @Quincunx sorry about that. But it is still an nice way.

    Is `1.wait(-1)` legal in Java? In C# it is.

    @usr No; primitives aren't objects in Java.

    You can get to eleven characters by renaming `args` to `a` and using `a.wait(-1)` instead.

    I thought it was illegal to wait on an object unless you owned the object's monitor, via `synchronized`. (In this case, it could actually matter, too, since the object representing `""` is actually the same object representing every other empty string literal.)

  • Here's a nice short way to do it, in 17 13 chars:

    new Long("");

    It throws a NumberFormatException, which is an IllegalArgumentException. This and this verify it.

    Equivalently, one could do

    new Byte("");

    Sorry, clearified what I am looking for: I am looking a for 'clean' IllegalArgumentException. It should name it so.

    @luckydonald what do you mean by "naming"? The type given in the stacktrace? If so, would an exception-with-cause be acceptable if the IllegalArgumentException was passed internally as the cause to another exception?

    The purpose is to replace the normal throw new IAE(). The code, when executed in a static (main) method has to fail `Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException at Untitled.main(`. Were it fails (line, file, stacktrace) doesn't matter.

  • 22 characters:


    Running example

    Javadoc: java.lang.Character.toChars(int)

    Some nice looking variants:

    Character.toChars(~4); // 22 characters, number can be any non-negative (and -0)

    Character.toChars(1<<7); // 24 characters

    ~i is the same as -1 * (i+1) because it inverts the bits. So we will get a illegal parameter, because it is smaller then 0.

    1<<7 will create a too high number by shifting the 1 seven times. (same as multiply it 7 times with 2). The last accepted Value seems to be 1114111, 1114112 will fail. Note: this might change depending on your environment, and could be not always reliable.

    See the Oracle Docs "Bitwise and Bit Shift Operators" and "Primitive Data Types"

    28 characters:

    And if you don't like using the character class in a character count competition*:

    Enum.valueOf(Enum.class,""); // 28 characters

    *) Just to make this pun.

    Doesn't need to be any positive; you can do any non-negative (ie `~0` works too)

    I thought about 0 as a positive because it has no minus. But your right, and even `Character.toChars(~-0); ` works.

    ~0 is -1. Not sure what ~-0 does for you, besides requiring an additional character.

    It looks funnier xD

  • 21 characters:


    As per the documentation, getProperty and setProperty throw IllegalArgumentException if the key is empty.

  • 25 Characters

    Creates a vector with an invalid (negative) length:

    new java.util.Vector(-1);


    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal Capacity: -1
    at java.util.Vector.<init>(
    at java.util.Vector.<init>(
    at Titled.main(

  • Here's 24 characters:


    This will throw an IllegalFormatException, which is an IllegalArgumentException.

  • 19 characters:


    Throws java.util.UnknownFormatConversionException, which inherits from IllegalFormatException, which, in turn, inherits from IllegalArgumentException;

  • 14 Characters


    17 Characters


    As far as code that directly throws IllegalArgumentException, these will do it.

    From documentation: 
    Thread.sleep(int millis):
    Throws:IllegalArgumentException - if the value of millis is negative
    InterruptedException - if any thread has interrupted the current thread.

    so direct code is 17 chars, if you're being a super stickler and counting the chars to add a throws clause for the interupted exception you can shorten it by just throwing the raw Exception class

    `this.wait(-1)` does not work in the main function, due to main being `static`.

    `Thread.sleep(-1)` requires you to add a throws declaration to the function, so it gets longer again. `error: unreported exception InterruptedException; must be caught or declared to be thrown`

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