Reading ints line from a file in Python

  • I have to list a integers from a text file separated by newlines into a python list. I ended up with the code above which works (for my case) but certainly is far form optimal.

    def readIntegers(pathToFile):

    f = open(pathToFile)
    contents =

    tmpStr = ""

    integers = []

    for char in contents:

    if char == '\r':
    tmpStr = ""

    if char == '\n':

    tmpStr += char

    return integers

    Now I have much less code, but I'm not sure for which cases split() works correctly.

    def readIntegers(pathToFile):

    with open(pathToFile) as f:
    a = [int(x) for x in]
    return a

  • No need for split (you can use readlines). But no need for readlines, for that matter:

    def read_integers(filename):
    with open(filename) as f:
    return map(int, f)

    or, if that’s more to your fancy:

    def read_integers(filename):
    with open(filename) as f:
    return [int(x) for x in f]

    A file object is simply iterable in Python, and iterates over its lines.

    Note that, contrary to what I said earlier, wrapping the file object in a with block is highly recommended. Python doesn’t actually guarantee (although it recommends it) that objects are disposed of automatically at the end of the scope. Worse, it’s not guaranteed that a file object that is collected actually closes the underlying stream.

    (Note that I’ve adapted the method name to Python conventions.)

    Thx for your answer :) I didn't think of using map here.

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