How to select a network id or is there a list of network ids?

  • We're starting a new open network based on the Ethereum protocol. The question is how to allocate a network id for the new network. In Ethereum we have main net, four test networks, classic with test network etc.

    Is there a list of network ids? If not, let's create one.

    Amazing Idea, i just created Ethereum-navigator that contains this data: Ethereum-navigator/atlas The single source of truth for all Ethereum networks.

    Mind you, there is a difference between **network id** and **chain id**. Read this article for more details.

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    May be there is a list of network ids? If not, let's create one.

    Good idea.

    • 0: Olympic, Ethereum public pre-release PoW testnet
    • 1: Frontier, Homestead, Metropolis, the Ethereum public PoW main network
    • 1: Classic, the (un)forked public Ethereum Classic PoW main network, chain ID 61
    • 1: Expanse, an alternative Ethereum implementation, chain ID 2
    • 2: Morden Classic, the public Ethereum Classic PoW testnet, now retired
    • 3: Ropsten, the public proof-of-work Ethereum testnet
    • 4: Rinkeby, the public Geth-only PoA testnet
    • 5: Goerli, the public cross-client PoA testnet
    • 6: Kotti Classic, the public cross-client PoA testnet for Classic
    • 7: Mordor Classic, the public cross-client PoW testnet for Classic
    • 8: Ubiq, the public Gubiq main network with flux difficulty chain ID 8
    • 10: Quorum, the JP Morgan network
    • 42: Kovan, the public Parity-only PoA testnet
    • 56: Binance, the public Binance mainnet
    • 60: GoChain, the GoChain networks mainnet
    • 77: Sokol, the public POA Network testnet
    • 97: Binance, the public Binance testnet
    • 99: Core, the public POA Network main network
    • 100: xDai, the public MakerDAO/POA Network main network
    • 128: HECO, Huobi ECO Chain main network
    • 256: HECO, Huobi ECO Chain test network
    • 31337: GoChain testnet, the GoChain networks public testnet
    • 401697: Tobalaba, the public Energy Web Foundation testnet
    • 7762959: Musicoin, the music blockchain
    • 61717561: Aquachain, ASIC resistant chain
    • [Other]: Could indicate that your connected to a local development test network.

    Hi, do you have any sources for this list? Maybe it is a good idea to have this list on Github, so that other members can contribute to it.

    This is a beautiful thing. You have expanse as #2 and.. well that makes me happy.

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