Is there API to create Ether wallet?

  • I know how to create wallet manually, however I would not like to take my clients out of website (I doubt anyone would) and would rather do their wallet creation behind the scenes when they register on website.

    At first I was thinking of building wallet creation myself, but then it hit me that everyone who is trying to build a system for non technical users will try to do the same - generate wallet behind the scenes... and that someone very likely has built an API to do this already...

    Is there an API to create Ether wallet?

    Using a 3rd-party API for your clients' funds, means those funds could be stolen or lost by the 3rd-party. Generally not recommended and probably only worth considering those that have a track record of customers, security, and possibly has insurance.

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    BlockCypher is your answer, and it's been used by top organizations in the crypto space including exchanges. Both Private and Public keys of ETH or BTC are generated instantly and deleted from their server but you get to store in a db, assign to user or do whatever you want with it.

    Get Token at

    FREE plan comes with:

    2000 Requests Per Day

    200 Requests Per Hour

    3 Requests Per Second

    To generate ETH address and key (ETH Address are in Hex-encoded, Make sure to add 0x in front):

    curl -sX POST

    To generate BTC address and key:

    curl -sX POST

    See Documentation

    NOTE: Always generate over HTTPS, otherwise your private keys can be MITM'd.

    Although it might not be advisable to use this for long term projects, so i also suggest Pre-generated address technique which can be adopted to create cold-wallet on fly.

    Through Blockcypher you can have the all the wallet service or You can actually create your own wallet?

    @SagarShah Blockcypher have a running node for all the coins they support. So there is API endpoint to push transactions to the blockchain or track deposits too, so you can use their service to run a wallet if you want. But they could be expensive when using their webhooks.

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