how to remove unused test accounts from Metamask

  • i use metamask chrome extension with testRPC to do my testing

    now metamask have over 20 dead accounts just sitting there in the list

    my question how to you clear loose unused test accounts from Metamask

    Perhaps some day they'll add a "Remove Token" button?

    I have a related question. I restored my account with seed but lost other accounts. How do I access them?

    Question: Does the method provided by TripleSpeeder delete your accounts with funds in it?

  • To clear all extra addresses:

    1. Take note of your 12 word seedphrase if you intent to use the same addresses again
    2. Make sure your account is locked (Click "Lock" in top right menu)
    3. In the unlock screen, click "Forgot password"
    4. Enter your 12 word seed phrase
    5. Set a new password (or use the same you used before)

    Now only the first account is visible.

    My first thought was to scoff and say what a ridiculously bad UI.. however, on second thought, I suppose it's good idea that they don't let you accidentally delete your money that easily.

    @flakes ok, not easily makes sense, but having to delete all accounts if you just want to remove a couple doesn't make any sense

    "Now **only the first account** is visible." You might as well just reinstall the plugin. It's a horrible UI. Of course reinstall the plugin *only* after saving the private keys (or JSON files and passwords) to all your used accounts.

    Now, a year later, is it any better?

    horrible extension, would never use Metamask if I didn't had to but users request it

    Looks like this no longer works in MetaMask version 8.x

    still works as of March 2021

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