Can I download the whole blockchain from somewhere?

  • Bitcoin used to offer sharing/downloading a bootstrap.dat which contains the whole blockchain.

    Are there alternatives to getting it trickling through the peer-to-peer network? Can I just download it somewhere? Wouldn't this be ideal for distribution via torrent?

    If so, how do I import it into the Ethereum client?

    My client would still be validating this data (can it?), and it is all signed and proof-of-worked, so there is no real security problem here, is there?

    well for instance on github ethereum, if they don't want to provide boostrap file themselves perhaps they could publish say the hash of the first N blocks so that when you download those blocks from another third party that the hash matches ?

    Strongly agree. Is there any security reason why there could not be standardized bootstrap files with published MD5 and/or PGP checksums? Seems like it would save a lot of time & Ethereum network bandwidth.

    the blockchain now has 6,170,500 blocks. To speed up the download I'm using the method at Is this the fastest method? Does anyone know another faster method? Thanks

    This does not really answer the question. If you have a different question, you can ask it in a separate question.

    ok, I asked the question in the right place. Tks

    Do you have a link with an up-to-date export?

  • Answer

    If you want to download the blockchain data from an external source that is up to you, but that does come with risks of the data being corrupted or sabotaged in a way to compromise your machine or Ethereum wallets. So the "security issue" is that you are trusting an un-trusted, non-Ethereum network source when you download the file. As long as you trust the source or want to take that risk your Ethereum client will still validate the data you downloaded as correct for the Ethereum network you connect to (mainnet, testnet [Morden], etc.).

    That all being said, I do not know of any third party sites that offer the Ethereum blockchain as a download. If you were to create such a site, it is possible to export and import the Ethereum blockchain data using the commands below


    Using geth:

    geth export <filename>

    geth import <filename>

    Using eth (C++)

    eth --import <filename>

    eth --export Myfile --format binary --from 45 --to latest

    (Formats supported: hex (newlines separating), binary or JSON --from and --to also support blockhashes)


    Your security concerns are pointless. Even if he downloads a forged blockchain, his node will not generate the latest valid state and wont be able to sync with the entire network after finding first invalid block. So, you can download a blockchain file from untrusted source without any problem.

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