Comparison of the different TestNets

  • The Metamask client allows access to four test networks:

    • Ropsten
    • Kovan
    • Rinkeby
    • Goerli

    I'm curious:

    • What are the similarities / differences between them?
    • Which use cases are best for each network
    • Are there more than these listed above?

    EIP-225 has the story of Modern up to Rinkeby

  • Ropsten

    • Proof-of-Work (Ethash)
    • Supported by Geth, Besu, and all other Ethereum clients
    • Best reproduces the current Ethereum production environment
    • Chaindata size 15 GB - Apr 2018


    • Proof of Authority (Authority Round)
    • Supported by OpenEthereum and Nethermind only
    • Chaindata size 13 GB - Apr 2018


    • Proof of Authority (Clique)
    • Supported by Geth, Besu, Nethermind, and OpenEthereum
    • Chaindata size 6 GB - Apr 2018


    • Proof of Authority (Clique)
    • Supported by Geth, Besu, Nethermind, and OpenEthereum
    • Chaindata size 0 GB - Apr 2018

    If you need a stable testnet with support on multiple clients go with Goerli. If you need to have conditions as close as possible to mainnet, but less stability than Goerli, choose Ropsten.

    Detailed version below:



    • PoA testnet started by the Parity team
    • History:
      • Started in March 2017. Named after a subway station in Singapore.
    • Pros:
      • Immune to spam attacks (as Ether supply is controlled by trusted parties)
    • Cons:
      • Not supported in Geth.
      • Doesn't fully reproduce the current production environment as it uses PoA.
      • Ether can't be mined. It has to be requested from the faucet.
    • Network id: 42
    • Block time: 4 seconds
    • Command: openethereum --chain kovan
    • Explorer
    • Github



    Great answer. Could you also tell us about the approximate size (in gigs) of each as of today ,please? It s v. important for people with a small hd :).

    Update with Görly may be nice now.

    @NicolasMassart feel free to edit the answer or send me what you want to add.

    @medvedev1088 done. Note the distinct informations for chain id and network id even if values are similar, this is mostly for educational purpose as we'll have to explain why we have those two values one day and that they ca be different...

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