How to do Ethash CPU mine using ethminer?

  • I have a Private Ethereum Network. I just want to do Ethash CPU mining using ethminer. I know that to have a smaller foot-print it is recommended to use GPU or openCL but for private networks, I only have few nodes on the network and all are CPU nodes. I just want my CPU node able to mine.

    • For small private networks, I believe mining with CPU nodes, where all nodes are also CPU nodes in the network, will be no problem.

    With the current model, if we have a Parity node there is no way for us to mine using a CPU node. And I am not sure why Parity forces users to mine with only GPU node. Since I do not have any GPU machine on my small private network, I am unable to use Parity node to do mining, it forces me to switch to geth node to do mining.

    I have followed .


    git clone --recursive
    cd cpp-ethereum


    cmake -H. -Bbuild
    cmake --build build

    After the build; ethminer used to exist under build folder on older versions git-tag:(untagged-1d50efdb2f43825a1810).

    After I build, ethminer does not exist under build. So I was not able to find ethminer binary.

    [$]~/cpp-ethereum/build$ ls
    _3rdParty            deps     libdevcore     libethereum     libwhisper
    CMakeCache.txt       eth      libdevcrypto   libevm          Makefile
    CMakeFiles           ethkey   libethash      libp2p          rlp
    cmake_install.cmake  ethvm    libethashseal  libweb3jsonrpc  test
    CTestTestfile.cmake  include  libethcore     libwebthree     utils

    So I have followed to install ethminer.

    This line to work for CPU mining: ./ethminer -F http://localhost:8545

    The error I am facing with the current/latest ethminer:

      ✘  11:20:06|ethminer  No OpenCL platforms found

    [Q] Is there any way to prevent this error and force ethminer to mine on CPU platform? I guess we have find an older ethminer client that accepts -C/CPU flag.

    I have also tried: Genoil/cpp-ethereum and it says.

    CPU mining is no longer supported in this miner. Use -G (opencl) or -U (cuda) flag to select GPU platform.

    Thank you for your valuable time and help.

    Note: Two bounties did not return any answer. I opened an issue under github's ethereum-mining/ethminer hoping it will reach someone. You can follow from

    cpp ethereum does not include ethminer, ethminer does. ethminer does not include cpu miner, they removed it. what does this question have to do with parity?

    I am not able to mine with a parity node on a cpu machine. What should I do? Should I switch back to geth in order to mine. @5chdn

    You get a +100 bounty if you rephrase your question to look for an Ethash CPU miner. I'm looking too.

    Just did hope it is more clear, please feel free to fix my question if anything is missing or wrong. @5chdn

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    alper Correct answer

    3 years ago

    Please note the the github code I am sharing is forked from and Version 1.3.0 of etherminer that actually can do CPU mining, which is implemented around 1 year ago. I did some small changes to build the project.

    First, since it will create new DAG do on the home directory: rm -rf ~/.ethash



    sudo apt-get install libleveldb-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev libmicrohttpd-dev libudev-dev cmake


    brew install leveldb libmicrohttpd


    git clone --depth=1 
    cd ethminer


    cmake -H. -Bbuild
    cd build/ethminer
    make -j $(nproc)

    $ pwd   #binary of etherminer is located under /Users/user/ethminer/build/ethminer
    $./ethminer --version
    ethminer version 1.3.0 | Build: ETH_BUILD_PLATFORM/ETH_BUILD_TYPE

    To Mine with your private Ethereum-chain:

    Please note that geth or Parity should work on the background as connected to your private ethereum network.

    This line will use full horse power:

    ./ethminer -F http://localhost:8545

    -t, --mining-threads Limit number of CPU/GPU miners to n (default: use everything available on selected platform)

    [~/ethminer]$ cd build/ethminer
    [~/ethminer/build/ethminer]$ ./ethminer -F http://localhost:8545 --mining-threads 2

    Helpful comments:

    Is there a version for Windows?

    No unfortunately . @ulu

    is there a way to connect it to the pool instead? if so which pool should be set up for this purpose. Thanks in advance...

    I am not sure, I think there is no pool on CPU mining

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