What is the total supply of Ether?

  • In Bitcoin, the total supply is capped at 21 million BTC. Is the total supply of Ether capped? How much will be mined before the Proof of Stake (POS) transition, and how will POS affect the issuance model?

    I'm not sure anyone really knows the answer, as it hasn't been decided, AFAIK.

    Thanks. Was afraid of that. Hope that gets decided soon - would vastly prefer a fixed money supply at time of Proof of Stake with mining paid for by transaction fees only.

    To clarify, homestead and PoS start are not necessarily the same milestone. Makes things a little close, but in my mind that means these are not the same question.

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    From reddit post

    60 million + 12 million + 18million = ~90million
    60 million - is the Pre-sale.
    12 million - is the dev fund, 0.2coins per 1 coin sold in the crowdsale.
    ~18 million - 1 million coins mined per month for 18 months prior to going from POW to POS.

    Update #1: 91,018,773.78 (April 25, 2017).
    Update #2: 97,017,191.75 (Dec 13, 2017).

    Some discussions

    1. https://forum.ethereum.org/discussion/46/total-supply-of-eth
    2. https://etherscan.io/stat/supply


    After a while, 15,626,576 ether won't represent much of the total ether available, making the system dis-inflationary (i.e., inflation perpetually trending towards 0 but never reaching it).

    is there inflation after all coins are mined?

    @duckx i dont think, because the value will be high and it will keep increasing `hopefully`

    @NikhilM we've seen this story before: if it doesn't take much Ether to actually create a contract then absent other drivers for demand the value will plummet. The rallies are driven purely by the low float, which is great for perception, but one must look at the risk factors for both the economics and their associated investment. Cryptocurrencies make this difficult due to the need to own them as an asset thereby clouding objective analysis, but I posit that it is still possible to be impartial.

    @CQM my answer has nothing to do with all you discussed, it just answers OPs question. IMHO.

    @niksmac please fix the answer as at the time of this comment there are `91,018,773.78` ether in circulation. Also the url needs to be fixed: https://etherscan.io/stat/supply

    @Shayan feel free to edit the answer accordingly.

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