What is the cost to store 1KB, 10KB, 100KB worth of data into the ethereum blockchain?

  • Whatever is stored in the blockchain is immutable which means I can fetch this data back in the future. As of today (2016-feb),

    • How does one store a 1kb, 10kb, or 100kb or arbitary data/text in the ethereum blockchain? What is the code needed to do this?

    • Once stored how do you download the data back onto your desktop?

    • How much would this cost exactly in ether/gas/fiat at todays prices?

    It's better to split this up in multiple questions on stack exchange. Asking many questions in 1 thread is usually not good.

  • Anon Coward

    Anon Coward Correct answer

    3 years ago

    gas prices are based on Oracle's and miners - they are insulated from the cost of ETH itself, so no - costs will NOT go exponentially up as ETH appreciates.

    For other people reading this, I'm not sure why this is the accepted answer as it doesn't answer the original question. Also, as ETH appreciates in value the relative per gwei cost will in fact increase, as pointed out in other answers...

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