How to type the ß and capital ß (ẞ) on a Windows 8 German keyboard?

  • I just started learning German through DW online courses. I can not find how to type the ß and capital ß (ẞ) on the German keyboard of Windows 8.

    You are using the German keyboard? If so, the *ß* is the key to the right of 0 (zero). Capital *ß* is not to be found on the German keyboard. See answers as to why.

    Closing this question as there are two actual questions here, one of which is also answered elsewhere and one which isn’t actually answered. If you (or anybody else) are interested in actually producing the capital eszett with a keyboard and are aware of its orthographical status (see here and here), please ask a new question.

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    7 years ago

    As I understand your original question, you are after the regular lower case ß.

    You can find it on a German keyboard layout: the letter ß is one key to the right of the number zero(0). As others have suggested, the upper case use of ß is normally substituted by SS.

    I am typing this on a laptop with Windows 8, where I can use a shortcut key to switch between different keyboard layouts.

    If you have a touch device you may need to install the keyboard layout for German to see the key on the on-screen keyboard.

    Thanks. My keyboard doesn't have German letter printed on the keys (its English/Arabic). I looked up this Wiki article the ß character is mapped to another location on the keyboard. Anyway your answer solved the problem, thanks

    I have a German keyboard and if I should ever feel the unlikely desire to type such a nonstandard symbol, something like thie might help me out

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