What's the difference between "genau" and "stimmt"?

  • When somebody agrees with a point made in conversation they often say "genau" or "stimmt" (often preceeded by "ja").

    So what is the difference? Is one slang and the other standard? Or is one regional?

    (I usually spend my time in Germany in Bavaria or Berlin but my friends in Berlin often moved there from some other region so I get it all mixed up in my head.)

    You can even say "ja, stimmt genau".

    Yes, that's exactly correct. Oh look, it works in English, too.

    I sometimes teach foreigners the word "genau" and tell them that's all they need to participate in a conversation with a German...

    @Jan: xD Yeah that will work well with a lot of people... good idea! :)

    @user12889: Ja genau, stimmt!

  • Markus

    Markus Correct answer

    10 years ago

    I personally use both words randomly to agree with what others say. Neither of these is rude or slang. In my opinion they can be used in a formal (business) discussion without any concerns.

    +1 Treffend bemerkt (just anaother related way to express my approval with the answer from Markus)

    Nevertheless I think "stimmt" is more "you convinced me" while "genau" is "This is exactly what I thought all the time."

    @Ingo: It depends on the context. If a waiter or a call center employee re-reads your orders to make sure the correct products are delivered, "stimmt" and "genau" can be used entirely interchangeably to confirm the correctness.

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