Meaning of 0815 and ger/eng alternatives?

  • Does 0815 simply mean something is very standard and common, or does it carry any connotations? Where can one use it, e.g. for description of processes, objects, persons? Can you give alternative slang words/idioms in German and especially English?

    you can use it for usernames here, too ;-)

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    However, in these days hardly anybody in Germany knows where the expression 08/15 comes from or what it is related to. - Die meisten Leute in Deutschland haben heutzutage keine Ahnung, wo der Ausdruck 08/15 herkommt oder in welchem Zusammenhang er steht.

    Not sure, whether the question for English alternatives is on topic here, but I offer "plain vanilla".

  • Takkat

    Takkat Correct answer

    10 years ago

    The expression "08/15" is used in colloquial German to express that procedures or objects are on average or mediocre.

    "Dieses Verfahren ist 08/15" - This procedure is pretty standard

    The use of "08/15" goes back to world war I when for the first time all German soldiers had a standard machine gun of the type MG 08/15. Not only was this gun on average technically but also the training on this gun was tedious.Source "Zwiebelfisch"

    Even though possible I would not to recommend to use "08/15" on people as this may be considered to be an offense.

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