Der, die oder das E-Mail?

  • Is there an official rule on whether it’s die E-Mail or das E-Mail? I’ve heard people use both, although more commonly the female form.

    Shouldn't it be called by its full name? I.e. "Die E-Mail-Nachricht"?

    What is "das Email"? Das Emaille kenne ich.

  • According to the Duden, both feminine and neuter genders are possible. My personal experience is that indeed most people use die E-Mail in Germany; according to the comments, people tend to say das E-Mail in Austria and Switzerland. Note that the Duden lists the word as E-Mail, not Email (the latter being also a German word for enamel).

    Yes, in fact I have not heard anyone actually using "das E-Mail". Might have to do with the fact that "Post" is female as well, which "E-Mail" translates into, and "das Email" would be the proper enamel gender, as you pointed out.

    I actually know a few people who say _das E-Mail_. (I also know someone who says _die E-Post_, which I like very much `:-)`)

    @ Hendrik, thanks, good point about "E-Mail".

    Personal experience: Our Austrian customers tend to say *das E-Mail*, just like *das Cola*.

    Der Brief, die Post, das Schreiben. Man suche es sich aus. Siehe auch die Diskussion Wonach richtet sich das Geschlecht eines Anglizismus?

    In Switzerland people tend to say "das E-Mail" instead of "die E-Mail".

    Can't talk about Austria or Switzerland, but all the geek communities in Germany that I've joined or visited are using "die E-Mail" or "die Mail".

    In my experience, "die E-Mail" predominates in Germany, but "das E-Mail" in Austria and Switzerland

    E-Mail, die oder das Wortart: Substantiv, feminin oder Substantiv, Neutrum Synonyme zu E-Mail (EDV) E-Brief, E-Post, elektronische Post, elektronischer Brief, Mail Dieses Wort gehört zum Wortschatz des Zertifikats Deutsch. Uwe Keim: definitely not, "Die E-Mail-Nachricht" is a redundant tautology / pleonasm. user unknown: das Email ist das Synonym zu Emaille, nachschlagen bei Duden. Hendrik Vogt wrong answer! (wer lesen kann ist im Vorteil ;)

    @guestpost Im Deutschen mag man tatsächlich meist E-Mail sagen, wo E-Mail-Nachricht richtiger wäre, aber es ist nun einmal so, dass „Mail“ „Post“ heißt und nicht „Brief“.

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