Bitteschön vs. Bitte schön: a reversal in meaning?

  • At this list of colloquial German terms, "Bitteschön" is defined as "Bedank dich gefälligst bei mir, du ungehobeltes Arschloch!". When I say "Bitte schön" to thank someone, this is obviously not the intended meaning. My questions are:

    1. Does this difference in meaning really exist? Is Buzzfeed stretching the truth?
    2. If bitteschön really does imply this negative, is there a difference in the way it is said to differentiate it to "bitte schön"?

    The article is satire!

    It still is a valid question, in my opinion. See my answer.

  • tofro

    tofro Correct answer

    3 years ago

    There is no difference in meaning between "bitteschön" and "bitte schön"

    There might be a difference from context:

    1. "Bitteschön" in response to a "Danke!" would mean what you expect, no negative connotation
    2. Giving a "Bitteschön" to a person you helped with no thanks would definitely mean what you found - in any language. Giving a "You're welcome" to someone who didn't thank you for help that was provided would mean the same thing in English.

    Thanks. I have spoken to my German teacher (a native German speaker) and she also believes this, specifically saying "bitte schön" in a response to a missing "danke schön" is a way of getting back at the impoliteness.

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