Where can I find a parsable list of German words?

  • I'm looking for a list of German words in a digital format that is simple and easy to parse by a computer. It should encompass almost all words, but it doesn't matter whether inflections are included. Acronyms and proper names are not interesting, but those are easy to filter.

    The Wiktionary dump does not fulfill the criterion of being simple to parse, since I'd have to check each article whether it is a German word or not, nor the all-encompassing criterion.

    Bonus points if lexical class is included and the license is open.

    Dictionary attack? ;-)

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    You can download a list with 27500 German words at this link: https://germanwordlist.wordpress.com Only a part of it is, however, free of charge.

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    10 years ago

    Here are some places where you can download such lists:

    If only that list had definitions :D By the way, is it free to use?^

    Be aware, that a lot of the entries in there are English words. It might be somewhat helpful if you want an idea of the English words Germans like to use in practice e.g. "sales" but not "salesman" + a bunch of swearwords.

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