List of 1000+ (most common) German nouns with plural form

  • Has anyone managed to find a list of this kind in a tabular form, possibly with articles? Something like this would be ideal:

    das Kind     |  die Kinder |
    der Hund     |  die Hunde  |
    das Zimmer   |  die Zimmer |

    A plain list, just like the one above, would be ideal since I would like to print it. Just an article, noun and plural form. Although there are many lists on the internet, they are mostly up to a 100 words, with word explanations examples, with missing articles etc. Any help will be really appreciated. Thanks.

    Heutiges Deutsch oder über eine längere Epoche? Nur schriftliches oder auch mündliches Deutsch? Wie sollte das ermittelt werden - sollte jeder Text gleich stark gewichtet sein oder häufig gelesenes proportional stärker als selten gelesenes? Soll man hilfsweise verkaufte Exemplare der Schriften wählen?

    -1 for this Aschenputtel task. Please, consider other language learning techniques.

    +1 because one style of learning that doesn't work for you or seems ridiculous to you may be extremely useful for someone else.

  • Rob

    Rob Correct answer

    7 years ago

    Here's a link to an online dictionary that shows what you want, but in a little more complicated form. For example, type in "table" and it returns:

    der Tisch Pl: die Tische

    And here is a list someone named "Greg" put together, for his own use, of 1000 nouns.

    His format is: das Abitur, -e school exam

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