When to say "schönen Tag", when "schönen Tag noch"?

  • Just wondering, when does one have to add the noch to the greetings? Does the noch implies that that part of the day (Tag, Abend) is about finishing?

    I'd also would like to know whether it makes sense to add noch also to Morgen:

    Guten/Schönen Morgen noch (?)

    I've never heard it and it sounds perhaps strange, so if it's impossible, which is the reason?

  • hroptatyr

    hroptatyr Correct answer

    8 years ago

    It more or less implies that you're at the end of the conversation; you'd never start a conversation with: Einen Guten Tag noch.

    So the actual use case would be (optionally before or after you said bye):

    (Tschüss und) einen Guten Tag (dann) noch.

    I've occasionally heard einen Guten Morgen noch, especially when you work on night shifts and say good bye to your fellow workers.

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