Is "Ich bin gut" a valid reply for "How are you"?

  • I know you have to say

    Es geht mir gut.


    Ich bin gut.

    sounds good to me. Can I say that?

    Typical false friend for native English speakers.

    "I'm good" as a reply to "How are you?" sounds terrible to me even in English, as a native British (Scottish) English speaker! I'd be tempted to look and see whether there is a halo over the speaker's head.

    @RonRoyGeorgeMitchell People say "I am good/ I am pretty good" in North America all the time.

  • knut

    knut Correct answer

    8 years ago

    Both are grammatically correct, but with a different meaning.

    Es geht mir gut.


    I feel good or I am well.

    You can say

    Ich bin gut.

    but this means that you are an awesome boy or that you are good at something... for example, you could use it in the following situation:

    You did something and the other person says:

    You succeeded! I'm surprised!

    Then you could respond:

    Ja, ich bin gut.

    So to answer your question: No, it's not a valid answer for "How are you?", but it would be correct as an answer to "How are you at building sand castles?".

    'good boy' sounds extremely like a dog... 'ich bin gut' is more like 'I am awesome'

    @Vogel612 Thanks, I adapted my answer,

    Thanks but direct translation is `I am good` which in English means `I am fine`.

    I've heard that if you just randomly say *Ich bin gut*, it can be construed as meaning "I am good [in bed]." Is this true?

    Tatsächlich ich bin großartig.

    @Dustin well you need a lot of ambiguous thinking behind it if you just hear this without any suggestive context, but in general one can always give sexual connotations to almost any given sentence... Freud was right after all

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