Meaning of "auf geht's" and "los geht's"

  • Do "Los geht's" and "Auf geht's" mean "let's go"?

    Willst du ins Kino? Los geht's/ auf geht's!

    Simple answer: yes.

  • Andri

    Andri Correct answer

    7 years ago

    Yes they do mean "let's go" and you can answer "Willst du ins Kino gehen?" with "Los geht's". But "Ja gerne" would be the more common answer.

    I heard this expression in a song of the same title by die Fanta Vier and Los geht' from Ramsi Aliani's song ' Schlagalarm'. I thought they all meant ' Let's go'.

    Auf geht's von den Fantastischen 4

    Well, there's a big difference between language in music and actually spoken language.

    *"Los geht's" is more common than "Auf geht's"* I doubt it. Probably depends on audience, region, etc.

    Is there a phrase one would be more likely to use for "let's go" (to the movies)?

    And what does the 's stand for?

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