How do I dry out the inside of my car?

  • The weather this morning was hot and dry, without a cloud in the sky. We have an uncovered parking lot at work, so I opened the windows an inch or two (2.54 cm to 5.08 cm for the more metrically inclined) to let some air in and keep the interior of the car from getting too hot for my drive home.

    Then it rained for the rest of the day.

    I returned to my car and sat down on something cold and wet. The rain had decided to join me for my evening commute. I wiped down the plastic paneling as best I could and soaked up some of the water from the cloth seats with paper towels, but the seats are still fairly damp. Not wet enough that water shoots out when you press down on it, but visibly damp.

    How do I dry out my damp seats?

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    5 years ago

    After your initial pat down with a towel, leave a marine or RV desiccant bucket in your car. They're typically used for winterizing boats and RVs to prevent mold developing from humidity issues. You'll want one with a mesh or screen top so if it tips over while you are driving it won't spill the desiccant material. It will trap moisture and won't release it back into the air. Something like this: enter image description here

    I speak from experience... a car window got left down during a camping trip and it poured. This is what we found at the camp store and it worked great!

    If you can't find this product, a great alternative is the Silica based cat litter which you can stuff into an old sock or pair of tights.

    This has worked fantastically for me

    I spilled a gallon of water under driver's seat. Removed as much as I could with what I had (paper towels), used hair dryer then opened up DampRid. No feel of moisture. I love when things work as advertised.

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