What is the best way to light a hard-to-reach candle wick without burning your finger?

  • What is the best way to light a candle when the wick is difficult to reach? My candle is similar to the one pictured below (large, glass, with a somewhat enclosed top), and I usually use either standard short matches or a bic lighter.

    candle with difficult-to-reach wick

    As the candle burns, it becomes more difficult to light, and I usually just throw it away at that point. What could I use to light the candle safely?

    What are your constraints? What is the shape of the candle container? What kind of lighter are you using? Where are you? (Location informs what materials might be on hand.)

    Sorry if I was unclear - for location I meant a house, an office, a restaurant, etc

    @abbyhairboat My mistake; this is for a house.

    I know it's overkill but I can't resist suggesting a flame thrower. Just do it outdoors or after you die in the fire your fingers will start to burn. : )

  • Pasta burns alright, so you can use some non-cooked spaghetti noodles to reach those hard to reach candles.

    candle lit with long thin fettucini noodle

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