How can I get the smell of garlic off my hands?

  • I've been peeling and chopping garlic, and now my hands stink of it. I can wash my hands with soap, but no matter how hard I scrub the smell persists, sometimes for up to a day or two.

    How do I get rid of the garlic smell from my hands?

    I believe this is the first upvote-worthy question I've ever seen on this site. This is a rare, fine example of a question about a real problem with a description of why a solution didn't work and a need for a non-obvious alternative.

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    Baking Soda washes and soaks. If you wash you hands in baking soda mixed with a strong smelling soap this should eliminate the smell. Try mixing the baking soda with dish soap or other odor cancelling soaps.

    • Beside that I would say strong smelling soap, like Peppermint, Spearmint or similar.

    From this site:

    They say use coffee and stainless steel, but the better answer to me was:

    Salt & Lemon: Rubbing hands together with a little lemon and salt can do the trick, but be careful not to irritate sensitive skin in the winter time. Maybe not the best if you've got already dry hands or any sort of preexisting cut — ouch!

    Additional Info


    Place a stainless steel pan or other kitchen implement under running water and then use that to rub the affected area.

    Good housekeeping

    You can avoid the problem by wearing thin, disposable gloves when you handle garlic, onion, fish or other pungent foods. Here are three sure ways to get rid of that nasty smell: Pour a little salt or baking soda on hands and rub them together. Rinse with water. Squeeze toothpaste or pour a small amount of mouthwash on one palm, then rub hands together. Rinse with water. Rub hands across a stainless steel utensil under running tap water.

    Lemon juice does seem to be a catch-all for removing all sorts of smells. Would be nice to know why, though.

    lemons and oranges have pretty high concentrations of citric acid, and lemon juice also has a strong pleasant odor.

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