How to keep sticky notes from falling down?

  • I love sticky notes. I have them on my wall, on my desk, on my face, etc. However, if a breeze occurs or time passes, they fall down. I've tried using a piece of clear tape, which works, but is inconvenient. What can I do (without using tape or harming the surface on which I stick them) to keep them from falling down?

    Good question. I haven't found any solution other than removable tape. (Which is why this is a comment.) :-)

    Replace them after unsticking them a few times? ....they don't last so long when you unstick them and restick them a number of times.

    None of your reasons make sense people or nor do they work. Please think of something that well help because i really need help with my sticky notes. Pleaseeeee!!!!!!!

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    nicael Correct answer

    6 years ago

    Your notes are probably falling down because you separate the note you need from another note incorrectly, i.e. by pulling from the end of sticky note. Therefore sticky edge bends and the note pulls itself from the surface you stuck it to.

    Instead try separating it from another by pulling it off from the right or left, and try not to bend it.

    To elucidate this refer to the following visual:

    enter image description here

    original image

    That can't be it, because I peel mine from the side and I have the same problem.

    @starsplusplus, if you're taking the sticky note off the pad correctly, then it is likely due to a dirty/dusty surface. Make sure you clean the area you plan to put the note prior to affixing it.

    I think they're just not sticky enough to remain stuck to vertical surfaces. If I trim the non-sticky part (making them lighter) they last a bit longer.

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