How to seal envelopes without licking

  • I'm sending out Christmas cards and I have to seal about 100 envelopes. However, I can't stand the taste of the part of the envelope meant to be licked. Last year I used tape to seal each envelope but that took too long.

    Is there any easy way I can seal the envelopes quickly without licking it?

    I thought I would give this post a active bump by leaving a comment to remind people during the Covid-19 pandemic it is a bad and irresponsible practice to seal an envelope by licking. Stay safe don't lick envelopes.

  • Jon

    Jon Correct answer

    6 years ago

    The best alternative I found to licking was using a damp sponge. Simply tap the sticky part of the envelope on the wet sponge a few times and there you go.

    Lacking a sponge, anything like a washcloth, towel or paper towel will also work.

    This is what the post office do (at least here in the UK). The workers have pots with what is effectively a wetted sponge-like material that they press stamps on to wet them (when they're not using sticky-back stamps, which are getting more and more common).

    Even better if you have a small foam paintbrush, you can just "paint" a bit of water on the envelope.

    Q-tips worked great. I used that with a rocks glass that had a small amount of water in it. Dip, tap, and apply. Works for 1-3 envelopes per dip.

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