How to make my batteries work for a short time, one last time

  • What would be a good trick to make my batteries work one last time?

    Right now, I was using my trusty USB wireless mouse and the batteries died, right in a bad time.

    What is a good way to make them work for at least 15 minutes, one last time, before buying new ones?

    I have these Duracell batteries that lasted for at least 6 months.

    I've heard that putting in the cooler for a few moments will make them work, but I have always failed to do that.

    I've heard about rubbing lemon juice in the + side, but never worked.

    I doubt there's a good solution for this. When they run out of energy they run out of energy

    @ZachSaucier I agree... Just don‘t use the mouse or have spares.

    @ZachSaucier I agree with you, but if they can work for 5 minutes every time I take them off, there must be a way to make them work for 15 minutes straight.

    Do not rely only on disposable (alkaline) batteries. Buy rechargeable (NiMH) batteries. They can save you money. If you spend $30 on rechargeable batteries and a charger now, you might save hundreds of dollars by not having to buy disposable batteries in the future. And, if a battery runs out of energy, you do not have to go to the store to replace it: you can simply recharge it at home. Where can you buy rechargeable batteries? Ask your local discount department store (e.g. Walmart), or your local electronics store, if they have any. Or go to and order some online.

    @unforgettableid Those batteries were the original ones that came in the box. And I know they do save money, so, I got 4 rechargeable batteries. But at the time, the batteries I had weren't charged. And I only needed them to work for more 30 minutes.

    If you have a potato, some zinc and copper strips handy you could make a potato battery...

    Wow ! I just read some of these comments about heating them up and they will work for awhile. So I placed both of them in the palm of my hand and rubbed them (try to do it as hard as possible, like if you're warming your hands on a cold day) and it gave my controller half life ! Must try !

  • You will often find that batteries will give a last little bit of juice - especially when cold - by gently warming them to body temperature - so pop them inside your clothes for ten minutes or so or rub them briskly between your hands for a short time. Also turn them in place to ensure that the contacts are as clean as possible.

    That's quite a good solution. Never tried it before. The place I was in with my mouse is an extremely cold place (taking in account where I live) and I usually have ice-cold hands. Warming them up on cold days sounds the way to go!

    After letting the batteries out of the mouse since last year, I came this year to work. I've warmed the batteries up and stuck them into the mouse. They are working for 35 minutes now and counting!

    another solution i learned from my grandfather is to whack the batteries with an heavy iron handle (say from a knife), a few times, round and round. It will give energy for another month or so. Works on any kind of AAA / AA batteries (alkaline or not).

    @StefanSzekeres Just not too hard and not ever on Lithium or other high energy batteries - __some types of battery can explode if the casing damaged__.

    Thanks for the comment, forgot to mention. But the lithium encasing is mostly from plastic - the other batteries mentioned have (mostly) an aluminium / some kind of alloy casing.

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