Make coffee with no coffee filters?

  • I woke up this morning to no filters for our coffee maker. We use standard sized basket type filters:

    enter image description here

    Any thoughts on what could be used to replace the filter? I could resort to seeping the loose grounds in the hot water, but this undesired gritty coffee is not what I am looking for. As I use cream/sugar I tend to stir while enjoying the full cup so grounds within the water/coffee will become agitated, making it less than desirable to drink. I prefer to use the automatic maker with the drip of water through the basket.

    While this may not help with your immediate need, for the future, you may be able to find a reusable metal mesh filter to replace the paper filters, then you'll never run out of filters. I didn't notice much difference when I replaced my filter with a metal one, but some people say it alters the taste of the coffee.

    Use a sieve, and add a paper towel on top. Works for me!

    The grounds settle to the bottom if you wait. It's actually an Arabic tradition to brew them without filtering.

    If you happen to have any cone filters left over, I've found that the #4 Cone filters work inside the 4 cup basket coffee maker just fine. Just mash it down a bit.

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    6 years ago

    I tried to create a similar filter device with a paper towel and it worked perfectly.

    Here is what I did:

    • First, make sure you have paper towels... seems foolish to mention, but hey... its true!
    • Approximate the size of your basket with your hand and tear a circle out of the paper towel bout an inch (+/- 2cm) wider than the basket size.
    • Place the paper into the basket and push the center down to touch the bottom.
    • the "buckled" edged should then be folded into an accordion (similar to the shape of a normal filter) -- this will help to maintain a "wall" for the water and grounds so they do not overflow into the drink.
    • Place the coffee grounds into the basket in a normal fashion and brew.

    No further work is needed. The strength of the coffee may vary a bit from what you are used to due to the thickness of the paper towel, but some coffee at 6am is better than NO coffee!

    Do not use brown paper towels! Only use white. If not the coffee will taste like a paper towel.

    I would not use paper towels. They are made for hand use and may contain any chemical beginning with a-z. Bleach springs to mind or Cl if you prefer. I don't know what extra chemicals are in the non bleached towels but I would guess it is less than in the bleached ones. Albeit possibly more fungicides or whatnot to replace the Cl. (I don't know for sure, I am just thinking out loud here.)

    @LosManos that's a good point, you don't know that could be in there. The best case scenario you will drink some wood particles...

    Forgot to add - cloth should be good. Well used, well washed cloth. Cotton is full of chemicals when new and I do not know how much remains after wash though. Also; the cloth has to be rinsed thoroughly (due to the same idea - that washing powder is not made for digestion)

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