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  • I do a lot of sketching and drawing on my iPad. I usually use a stylus, but I recently lost mine. I can draw with my fingers, but I would prefer to use a stylus because it's just easier and I can do more stuff with one. I'm getting a new one soon (probably), but I need something to replace it for a week or two. What is a good substitute for a tablet stylus?

  • Mooseman

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    6 years ago

    Aluminum foil works similarly to a stylus. I've successfully created a stylus by wrapping several (~7) layers of aluminum foil over the eraser end of a pencil. Note that the contact points will not be as smooth as with a good stylus (e.g., lines drawn may be dashed) and if the foil rips it may scratch the screen, so be cautious.

    This is indeed the most easy and cheap way to replace a stylus. Just make sure, that you wrap a big enough piece of aluminum foil over your object (you can use anything you like, for example an empty ballpoint pen or chopsticks) so that your **fingers are in contact with the foil** when holding your self-made stylus. This is essential, because it's the only way the electrostatic energy can travel from your fingertips to the tablet.

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