I can't stop sneezing

  • I developed a cold overnight. I have spent half the day sneezing and the other half of the day thinking I am about to sneeze due to an uncontrollable irritation to my nasal passage.

    Is there any way to either stop the tickly sensation in one's nose which indicates you are about to sneeze, or to speed up a sneeze so I'm not sitting here for 5 minutes with the tickly sensation just waiting for it to come?

    I've tried blowing my nose to remove anything that could be up there causing the irritation.

    The reason I ask to speed up the sneeze is because once I have sneezed, the tickling sensation goes away for a while, so if the feeling cannot be removed, I wish for it to be over and done with.

    this phase of the viral infection will pass rapidly - usually lasts less than 24 hours.

  • As @Mooseman said, pinching the nose can make the tickling go away. But you should not pinch it as if something smells bad (closing the nostrils), but instead only apply some pressure on both sides of the nose bridge with your fingers so that you still can (could, if you did not have a cold) breathe. You might try a bit to find the right spot, but you will definitely know it as soon as you did!

    A trick to help sneezing is looking into bright light. Not too bright, of course because you don't want to damage your eyes. This works, because the nerves responsible for the sneezing reflex and the ones for noticing brightness may lay close together in some people. Therefore the brightness signal might "jump over" and intensify the sneezing stimulus which would then finally lead to a relieving sneeze...

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