What is the quickest way to de-carbonate a drink

  • I prefer a lot of fizzy drinks when they have gone flat. What is the most efficient way to decarbonate them?

    I've repeatedly shaken and opened bottles, left caps off, stirred, but I wonder if there's a more efficient way.

    Have you tried adding Mentos? :-D

    Mentos works well with Diet Coke, according to YouTube. However, most of it won't be in the bottle afterwards.

    @BrettFromLA, I know... That is why I've added the smiley in the comment, and made this a comment not an answer! But it does decarbonate the fizzy drink! :-D

    Tbf, I didn't specify that the drink should remain in a container.

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    6 years ago

    Whilst searching for some alternatives to support an idea of mine regarding decarbonating, I found a somewhat amusing thread: How can I de-carbonate soft drinks? (from the boards of "The Straight Dope").

    Based on ideas mentioned there and another one of my own:

    • Pour the drink into a larger container to increase surface area, i.e. a cake tin. Leave for a little while, before repoured into a drinkable container
    • Put the drink into a blender, and give it a spin. A less amusing option, is to stir with a spoon for a few minutes
    • Sift the drink into another container. That is either use an ordinary sifter/sieve/strainer, or use something like a coffee filter

    Either of these options should agitate the drink and decarbonate it. In terms of practicality, I would opt for the latter one. Especially if at office or at home. At office you need to a get a little sifter, but they are readily available.

    I find it amusing that you're using a mixer to un-mix a substance. I think it's my favorite approach.

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