Driving into garage where there is little room for error?

  • The length of available space to park inside the garage is 170 inches and the car is 162 inches. Thus leaving 8 inches maximum of room for error.

    If drive too far forward the car hit the wall. If drive not far enough in, the garage door hit the car on way down.

    How to be able to park inside the garage within that 8 inch room for error each time without having to get out of the car to make sure it's parked satisfactorily?

    My garage has a similar problem, except with width, not length. Both front panels in front of the front wheels have been scratched multiple times, and one time one of the mirrors was ripped off. Once one of the sliding doors was mistakenly left open before egress causing nearly $2k in damage when it ran into the door rail!

    Drive in until you hear a crash, then back up two inches.

    I don't suppose you can get out and push?

    Tape a pillow to the front wall?

    Just drive in and out a few times **with the headlights on**. The headlight beams will tell you when you're close. You'll get to know your vehicle better, and that will help you in traffic as well. Don't crash into the wall, gently ease into it. Modern vehicles are designed to collide with a wall at 8 K/H (5 MPH) without any damage. Below 30 K/H (20 MPH) the airbags will not deploy, so there is no worry about that. Seriously, **get to know your vehicle**.

    I see a question like this and I think, "it's so nice to have a car with front and rear collision-detection sensors."

    As well as the suggestions below how about putting a tyre (tire) (or a row) at the end of the garage and drive in slowly. At least if you go too far the tyres will cushion the blow.

    Find a wood or something else which is not as high as your bumper but high enough to stop your car when you hit it with the tires. That thing should be round for not to damage your tires, and stuck to the floor tight enough (using an adhesive or nails)

  • This, put into the floor or block of wood. Drive up to it, just till you tap it. Then stop. Resist the urge to back up.

    Edit - I changed from a driveway marker image to my 'in the wild' image from my garage. I made 2 of these, and have used both for 10+ years. It's positioned to both protect the steps from getting smashed and to allow enough clearance to walk in front of the car.

    enter image description here

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