Magento 2: 500 Internal Server Error

  • I followed the Magento dev docs per below:

    If you add a new .html template, and then edit it, the changes will not apply until you do the following: delete all files in the pub/static/frontend and var/view_preprocessing directories, then reload the pages. You can delete the files manually or run the grunt clean: command in CLI. For details about using Grunt in Magento see Installing and configuring Grunt.

    However now in developer mode set via htaccess I get Internal Server Error 500 across site and admin urls. Is that a caching issue if its looking for the cleared files to render?

    check your error log.

    internal server 500 comes due to file permission, just give 755 to folder and 644 to file

  • in developer mode the files are automatically generated when requested and not found. So this should not be a Problem.

    When facing a 500 error the first thing you should do is search for your webserver error log.

    When running on apache it can mostly be found in one of these 2 locations:

    /var/log/httpd/ -> centos, archlinux ...

    /var/log/apache2/ -> debian, ubuntu ...

    Nginx server we can find under `/var/log/nginx`

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