Magento not sending order confirmation emails to admin

  • I'm at loss on what to do.

    This morning I configured cron and according to Aoe_Scheduler the emails in the queue are sent each 5 minutes. I don't, however, receive new order confirmations on my email account. I've triple checked whether I've configured the right confirmation address and I quadruple checked spam folders, but no emails there.

    I'm worried that the customers didn't get any emails either. Does anyone recognize this problem? I ran 1.9.1 (and since a few minutes 1.9.2).

    edit: Creating an account or requesting a new password on frontend does sent emails.

    What do your outbound mail logs show?

    @BenLessani-Sonassi I'm on a shared magento server so I can't access those logs directly ( I'll contact my hostingprovider) Thanks for the log suggestion.

    Also setting Aoe_Scheduler `Queue configuration -> Queue Usage -> Never ` helps.

  • TonkBerlin

    TonkBerlin Correct answer

    6 years ago

    Try a workarround:

    in CMS > SALES EMAILS Set Order > Sent Emails via seperate Mail (BCC is Buggy)

    Magento know this bug and will fix in 2.0.

    When is fix scheduled for? Is it fixed now?

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