How do I disable merged CSS and JS

  • I merged CSS and/or JavaScript and my website is all messed up.

    How do I disable the CSS/JS merge functions?

    It's so messed up I can't access the Admin panel, how do I do it in the database?

  • go to database and execute this query

    SELECT * FROM core_config_data WHERE path LIKE 'dev%'

    change these value from 1 to 0

  • If you have access to the Admin backend, navigate to the following configuration and set both CSS and JS merge to No and save config


    Also check to make sure you haven't set up separate configuration scopes for this (arrow - upper right corner)

    enter image description here

    Then clear your Magento cache and the CSS and JS merge caches (buttons at bottom)

    enter image description here

    To manually do the above via database edits and manual cache clearing:

    The settings for the CSS/JS merge are stored in the core_config_data table with the following paths. Use phpMyAdmin or the command line to change their values from 1 to 0


    Flush the Magento cache by deleting all the mage--? sub-directories in var/cache/ so Magento's configuration settings will be reloaded.

    The merge files for CSS and JS are stored in the following Magento directories, manually delete the contents of these folders.


    NOTE: If flushing the Magento cache does not allow the config change to update, you may have the following issue: Can't change Magento config, stuck in cache

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