Magento2 admin menu panel doesn't work

  • magento2 dashboard:

    All admin menu link don't work and have a strange icons. Why?

    I can't do anything.

  • Below solution worked for me
    just try it.
    go to app/etc/di.xml

    find the line


    and Replace it with


    There is no need to remove any file in any directory.

    My Pleasure!!..Enjoy coding Dhaval...

    @PriyaPonnusamy, could you explain how and why does this solution work ? In 2.1.x - the code already has this line ` Magento\Framework\App\View\Asset\MaterializationStrategy\Symlink Magento\Framework\App\View\Asset\MaterializationStrategy\Copy `

    You need to have a capital in Copy or it doesn't work. Please update your answer.

    @Vikram have you fixed the issue? Sorry about the delay in my response

    @PriyaPonnusamy: I am not sure how and why does this solution work ?

    @Vikram are you facing this issue? if so which version you're using?

    Thanks its worked for me.

  • I hope this will help you

    Goto Magento 2 root directory -> pub -> static and remove static folder and remove var/cache, var/composer_home, var/generation, var/page_cache, var/view_preprocessed

    Then run,

    php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

    Caution while removing pub/static contents do not remove .htaccess file otherwise css and javasrcipt will not render and page will load with text only.

  • Disable JS merge from admin:

    Go to System->Configuration->Developer

    or if Admin menu not working then
    Goto database inside table core_config_data change key dev/js/merge_files from 1 to 0

  • Try this Before that take Backup

    Remove everything, except .htaccess file from pub/static folder

    Open up app/etc/di.xml find the path


    and replace to


    Note: Remove entire files and folder under pub/static except .htaccess file.

    For More info ref this

    Note that this only works in developer mode.

  • try to run this

    bin\magento setup:static-content:deploy
  • This stumped me momentarily earlier, make sure your magento_root/ directory is accessible through your web server and not just the magento_root/pub/ directory - you can use aliases or change your web root.

    Please can you provide further insight? Allowing access to the entire magento root is less secure, so I'd rather keep the pub folder symlinked. I've already added aliases in my apache2.conf file for the /setup and /upgrade directories, so where would I need it to point to in order to resolve this error.

    @JoshuaFlood Sorry, this was only relevant to me on Apache and we have since switched to Nginx (which I'd recommend by the way, it works very well in our case).

    Ok thanks! I did just read about 10 minutes ago that people are having much more success with nginx. Could I also ask how you've set up the rest of your stack, or at least whether you use varnish and which version? I'm having trouble running varnish 5 with magento on ubuntu 18.04 but not sure if its bionic or I just need to downgrade to varnish 4.

    @JoshuaFlood Stack is straightforward, Ubuntu (16.04) -> Varnish (4.1) ->Nginx (1.10) -> PHP-FPM (7.2). We also utilise Redis to share sessions and cache between our frontend servers. We've just stuck with Varnish 4.1 because it works and is rock solid but that means I haven't looked at any upgrade yet so I can't comment on possible problems with 5.x...

    Ah OK thanks. I'll give it a go on 4. Getting all kinds of problems with ports

  • Goto Magento 2 root directory -> pub -> static and remove static folder and remove var/cache, var/composer_home, var/generation, var/page_cache, var/view_preprocessed

    Then run, php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

    and them


    Go to the line number 574 line:

    Older line:


    Replace it with (New line)


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    I just did the following:

    cd magento2 folder
    run shell command

    My System:

    magento 2.0.2
    xampp 7.0.3
    windows 7

    [email protected] f:\xampp\htdocs\mag2

    php -f bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

    Note that editing the Symlink entry in `di.xml` only affects websites in Developer mode.

  • I applied all of the above fixes but there's one thing that is left unmentioned...

    When I went to edit I had to change permissions on the folder to be able to save the changes. After I saved the edit to di.xml, I changed the permissions back to 444, Deleted all cache files, and reloaded. It didn't work.

    After a few tries, I left the write permission on the folder, deleted cache, and only then did the fix take place.

  • Follow the below steps and it should for you

    Step 1. Deleted the static folder using rm -R static/*

    Step 2. Cleared cache php bin/magento cache:clean & php bin/magento cache:flush

    Step 3. Reran compile php bin/magento setup:di:compile

    Step 4. Generated static content php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy

    Step 5. Changed permissions to 777 for pub/static folder chmod 777 -R . /static

    Followed those steps and my admin backend loaded fine.

  • it worked fine for me Magento 2.3.4

    1. put magento in maintenance mode from the command console

      bin/magento maintenance:enable

    2. delete everything from pub/static

    do not delete .htaccess file

    1. now use the command line

      bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy en_AU -f

    give it 5 minutes to complete

    en_AU is Australian english so you make sure you use your own preffered language

    1. once its done now clean and flush cache.

      bin/magento cache:clean

      bin/magento cache:flush

    2. Disable maintenance mode

      bin/magento maintenance:disable

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