Hidden tracks on other media than CD?

  • I know about hidden tracks on CD's, but are there examples of hidden tracks on cassette/ vinyl?

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    This is already answered by wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hidden_track

    In the lead-out on Prince's "Purple Rain" LP, I think Side 1 but I may be wrong, there is a "mini-track" backwards-masked. If you drop the needle next to the label and spin it backwards you get a 20-second song or something. Haven't done that in 20 years, I just remember the lyrics "The Lord is coming soon" in it.

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    Jack White has a habbit of including hidden tracks and other features. Here's for instance his latest album Lazaretto:

    The 11-track album on White's label Third Man Records, includes different mixes and sequencing to the digital version, and will play at 33.3rpm as normal. However two secret tracks hidden in the centre label will play at 45 and 78rpm respectively – a repeat of the trick White pulled with his Dead Weather supergroup and their album Sea of Cowards.

    Side A meanwhile demands that you place the needle on the inside of the record as it works its way outward, eventually getting caught in a perpetual locked groove at the outer edge (the more jaded White fan might suggest that you won't be able to tell when said groove begins). The first song on Side B however, has two different intros, one acoustic and one electric, which differ depending on where the needle is dropped. The two grooves then blend into one halfway through the song.

    If that wasn't enough to play with, there is also a hologram on Side A hand-etched by artist Tristan Duke, featuring a spinning angel appearing to float in the blank area between the groove and the label. Side B is given a matte finish so it resembles a shellac 78rpm record.

    Yes, you need to destroy the center labels to play the hidden tracks. Billboard has a video.

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