Identify piano instrumental with techno beats and thunder sounds

  • I remember it's pretty long, it doesn't have lyrics and it's very popular.

    It has nice piano melody that becomes more saturated in the middle of track. It also has strong techno beats and thunder sounds in it.

    Are you sure it doesn't have lyrics? Sounds like "Riders on the storm" by The Doors, but that has lyrics. The thunder sounds and piano melody match with that song.


    We need more information to answer this as thunder and piano are surprisingly pretty common.The intro _November Rain_ comes to mind.

    There are thousands of songs that have thunder in them

  • kl78

    kl78 Correct answer

    7 years ago

    Ok, with the techno info i take a guess, is it maybe "Children" from Robert Miles?

    You have a thunder-like sound in there, the Piano sound, and it has a techno beat but no lyrics. In the late 90s it was very popular but it is only 4 minutes long. There are some different versions of this song (dream version is 7:33 long, but has no thunder sound), this is a link to the classic one:

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