What is the jazz genre of the pianist Art Tatum?

  • What is Art Tatum's style? His music sound quite different than Swing. How can you categorize his style?

    Also, later in his life, was he involved in the Bebop scene? If so, what recordings/albums are there of Art doing bebop?

  • Art Tatum is primarily known as a Jazz artist.

    As bebop began to take control of jazz in the early 1950s, Tatum continued playing variations of the stride piano style, mostly at small clubs throughout the country. In 1953, Tatum tracked a record 124 solos for noted producer Norman Granz and while the sessions were hasty, they yielded material for 13 albums.

    These albums were recorded from 1953-1956 and are called The Complete Pablo Solo Masterpieces. There are 8 volumes. These albums would be the closest recordings of bebop style by Art Tatum.


    The term "stride piano" explains one element of his style.

    @WheatWilliams agreed. I just always thought his main style was jazz. He is always referred to as a jazz musician.

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