What exactly is slam death metal?

  • What exactly is it, what is the differences between say deathcore and slam death, what are the main differences, does it have more than one sound? All the slam i have heard sounds like devourment.

    Deathcore is basically going to be like slam death except a little more poppy.

    Lolno, brutal deathcore is a more rhythmically focused version of brutal death metal, with a heavy core metal/rock influence.

    I was hoping the answer was going to be that people put on a beret (black naturally) and went to coffee shops for improvised recitals of death metal by other attendees.


    SONIC MIRE Correct answer

    7 years ago

    It's basically a slower "brutal death metal" with emphasis on slamdowns and breakdowns. That's probably all it really is, so you can do a lot with it and it can still be called "slam death" if you just follow the basics, combine it, or whatever.

    Actually, devourment copied suffocation, a lot of brutal/slam death bands probably do, but i don't know many. :P

    Yes, basically, "slam death metal" = "slower brutal death metal". Nowadays almost every brutal death metal band uses some breakdowns in their music.

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