Audio sample in Infected Mushroom's "The Shen"

  • In Infected Mushroom's track The Shen, from their second album Converting Vegetarians, there is an audio sample starting at 3:30 and looping quite a few times that I could never understand. I have searched multiple times on the internet and what occurred the most was:

    This cheese is scrumptious, but with pepper will be more bumptious.

    At the time, most of the samples used by Infected Mushroom were taken from films. For example, there is a second - understandable - sample starting at 6:32 in the same track:

    Patience, understanding, love... Most of all you need love.

    This one has been identified and comes from the 1998 film, Merlin. Generally speaking, when looking for the lyrics of The Shen, this second sample is the only one that appears.

    My question is: where does the first audio sample come from, and what does it say exactly?

    _The Shen_ also takes from 'Virus' (1999) though I can't be certain of what part as I've never seen the movie.

    @Adam That's what I thought too (it you see the edit history, you'll see that I mentioned Virus instead of Merlin), but since the Merlin reference seemed to be more exact, I switched to this one instead.

    Are you sure its a sample from a movie? It sounds to me more like they recorded a track in the studio and added effects to it. Compared to the second sampling which actually sounds like it was taken from a movie.

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    5 years ago

    It seems to me that they took a sample from the movie Virus (1999).

    First at 3:26 of your link, it starts with this.



    Then, you can watch the whole scene here. They extracted the computer voice, switch some parts then accelerate it.


    To me it says approximately :


    I've still got trouble understanding what it actually says (save for « noxious» which is easy to recognize), but the voice is clearly the same and other sources - including Wikipedia - mention *Virus* too for this track. Thanks for the investigation! :)

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