What does "Fortune fame mirror vain" mean in Metallica's The Memory Remains?

  • I was wondering what does chrous of The Memory Remains mean? "Fortune Fame, Mirror Vain, Gone Insane, But The Memory Remains" I asked this because it doesn't mean what it looks.

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    Sachi speculates:

    The first two lines probably go together in a sentence as “Fortune, fame mirror vain” and can translate to “both fortune and fame mirror what is vain.” So this basically says that fame and fortune reflect false pride, or baseless pride. That one who has those things and waves them around do so to express how proud they are, but to no avail (another definition of the word “vain”). And then it goes to the next line, “gone insane”, to express how one goes insane from their false pride of fame and fortune, or simply grows too attached to the fame and can’t stand to lose it. However, they can’t get over this anxiety of losing fame because “[…] the memory remains”.

    BTW the correct lyrics are (note the comma in the first line):

    Fortune, fame

    Mirror vain

    Gone Insane

    But the memory remains

    As shown in this lyric booklet that accompanies a Japanese release:

    enter image description here

    I have always thought vain was incorrect.

    I'd have to agree whit BCdotWEB it makes more sense, plus when they sing the song they don't sound like their taking a pause between fortune and fame. Other wise it just wouldn't flow well.

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