A genre that sounds oriental but is far away from it

  • How does one call this kind of movie soundtrack, examples are:

    • Eric Serra - Akta (fifth element)
    • Eric Serra - What's happening out there (Leon the professional)

    and maybe

    • Christophe Heral - Propaganda (Beyond good and Evil)

    Just an FYI - In modern usage (at least in America) the term *Oriental* is considered out of date. The preferred adjective is *Asian.*

    @ChrisSunami That is very confusing, why is that so? I connect anything else but the mentioned music style, with `asian`.

    I believe it's because it's Eurocentric. It literally means "East" (of Europe). You still occasionally hear it used, but most younger Americans find it outdated, at the least, and some even consider it offensive. You'll sometimes hear "Orientalist" to describe things that are *faux*-Asian --perhaps this genre qualifies.

    Oriental means to the east, Occidental means to the west. Derived from latin. For some reason this has become to be seen to have racial pejorative in the US.

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    7 years ago

    I guess you could call this Oriental Soundtrack. But "Middle Eastern Fusion" or to be more generic and official "World Music" could do the thing. As this is not some traditionnal oriental music and the aim of the music is movies, these are really fusion-like musics. Cheers

    I guess this is not official?

    Well really I never saw any official genre for this kind of music and I know a bit about musical classification. I think that people refers to this kind of music by naming it "oriental-like" or simply "oriental". This kind of music are influenced by many things, they can use occidental drum sound as well as Darbouka or sitar, so really I don't see any other name than the "Oriental" name. Hope it helped a bit :)

    well not exactly. I would call `oriental` the main title of many many sub-genres. As I am looking for some kind of a database (or at least a keyword to look for), that tag unfortunately is way to broad

    Well i'll leave you with this leads, "Middle Eastern Fusion","Oriental Fusion" or "World Music" sorry I can't find better

    Just one last thing, Itunes are really strict about genres classification (even if it's generic) and they place this kind of music under the classification "soundtrack"

    Well but `soundtrack` is an even broader expression :D But that's a good hint anyways I maybe could figure out some composer by some "channel radio" e.g. by spotify

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