What metal song is used in this trailer for the animated movie *The Secret Life of Pets*?

  • I saw this in the trailers before The Peanuts Movie, it cracked me up. Just wondering if it's a "real" song or if it was written for the movie (I can't see it ending up on a soundtrack for a kids movie...).

    The Secret Life Of Pets - Official Teaser Trailer (HD) - Illumination

    The clip in question starts around 2:17.

  • kl78

    kl78 Correct answer

    7 years ago

    As user1556814 mentioned, this is a Song from System of A down, but on another album.

    It is Track Number 7 of the Album 'Toxicity', called Bounce.

    Could not find a studio version on youtube, but you can find some live versions:

    Bounce - System of A down

    the part used in your video starts around 0:22

    I remembered it, because it is the track right after their famous Song Chop Suey, which i heard a lot 10 years ago

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