Song used on an Instagram pokemon post

  • I recently found this post on Instagram and i have been trying to find the song for it. I've used shazam but the song is too short ,i looked up the lyrics on google and youtube multiple times ,i tried other apps like shazam, i cant find the right song. I feel like i have tried everything. I stayed up late just to try to find the song...anyways here's the link to the Instagram post the song is in .thank you for your answers.

  • After some research I found some information about this:

    This was sampled from an interpret called buji, the song is called "Read Receipts".

    You can find it on youtube: Buji-Read Receipts

    or soundcloud: Buji-Read Receipts

    You can find some information about him here: Buji

    Buji is a 16 year old producer based in northern New Jersey. Over the last year, he’s co-founded the DESTINY BOND collective (alongside fellow high schoolers, Stone, Yoshi, Good Intent and Chindamo), released DIY remixes of Drake, The Weeknd, Skrillex, and Omarion, and developed a growing catalog of impressive melodic originals.

    The more recent Diveo-influenced “Dreamcast” and the teary-eyed “Read Receipts” represent a further depth in Buji’s production as he brings his own vocals and lyrics into the mix. “Read Receipts” especially hits on a human and emotional level that feels like a coincidental followup to acts like the Postal Service and Bright Eyes.

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