Haunting melody - famous song - slow quiet ballad

  • I was positive that the tune in my head is very famous, but could not tell the name of the track, or the author. So I recorded myself playing the intro of the music and uploaded it to youtube, hoping someone will recognize it and provide information about it.

    I used Shazam and SoundHound and other music identifications services, but nothing turned up. It is slow, quiet, mind easing classical music, and I have been looking for it for 30 years.

    what is this music?

    This **almost** sounds like Turn Of The Century by the band Yes.

    @JohnnyBones the suggested track has nothing to do with the track I'm looking for. But thanks anyway.

    Do you know what genre this song? It might help in figuring out what it is.

    It is a slow, quiet, mind easing classical music @JoeKennedy

  • Sahir

    Sahir Correct answer

    4 years ago

    This is the love theme from the 1974 Lebanese movie, Hopeless Love (Habeebi Daiman), by composer Elias Rahbani.

    The exact full answer would be: Hopeless Love by Elias Rahbani. But I thank you for answering this 30-year-old question

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