Can you identify the song with lyrics that are something like "zoobi doobi abba"?

  • I walked into a bar yesterday and absolutely loved a song I heard there, and perhaps that was the only good memory of yesterday. I can't recall the full song but only tone; it was something like this-

    I'm in love, [something like that again in the same pitch], zoobi doobi abba (or something similar)

    I'm in love, I'm in love [or something similar], zoobie doobie abba (or something similar)

    The only other relevant information would be, it's highly probable that it was female voice.

    Can anyone please identify the song as it's been in my head since; had somehow made it to very few memories of yesterday that I can recall. I have searched for keywords, ideal songs for bar, but all in vain.

    Thank you for anticipation.

  • Is this perhaps Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo a 60's era transliteration of the French lounge song Zou Bisou Bisou, recently returned to fame by being featured in a Mad Men episode?

    Close, but the song I heard was quite fast paced, it sounded like playing something similar at 2x speed.

    Found the song, rather disappointing, it's a remixed Indian tune with some English. I think it's in Punjabi language. Song is Zuby Zuby remix. But thanks anyways, your answer proved useful while searching on YouTube. Plus the song you suggested is much better.

    @Manu, you can also share the source of your research.

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