Is this Kohl's commercial song titled correctly?

  • On the Kohl's Too Timeless commercial a song that I like plays. The description and all other sources I can find (even Shazam, surprisingly) say that it is "Black Magic Boy" by Fran Hall, but I can't find that song or artist (that sounds similar) anywhere at all.

    To me the singer sounds like Mette Lindberg, the lead singer of The Asteroid Galaxy Tour (see here for a vocal sample).

    What's the actual name of this song and who sings it?


    I was able to find another song by Fran Hall that has a very similar sound as the song in the commercial, Ready Set Go, which gives evidence that the track is titled correctly.

    Interestingly, a singer by the same name sings in one of my favorite EDM songs: Lazer Love by KSHMR & Vaski. Comparing the two doesn't convince me it's the same person, but that could be due to a large amount of distortion on the Lazer Love vocals. It's an interesting relation nonetheless.

    The link to the Kohl commercial is dead.

  • vinylviolin

    vinylviolin Correct answer

    6 years ago

    It is "Black Magic Boy" by Fran Hall. It was probably cut down to fit the commercial. Here's a Spotify link to it:

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