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  • My local AHL team plays this song that I kinda dig, or at least from the 10-second clips it sounds interesting. It's sorta EDM. Anyway, last night I remembered to record video while they were playing this song. It's only a 10-second clip, but now I want to find a way to identify it.

    What would be the best/most reliable way to identify the song, and what would be the steps I need to take to get it identified, considering it's a video clip recorded on a Samsung Galaxy 6?

    Call their office and ask?

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    6 years ago

    This can be tough, especially since you only have a recording of the song.

    • If you know someone with an iPhone, you can ask Siri to try to identify the song

    • You can download the app Shazam and use it to identify the song, though I'm not sure you can play audio off your phone and run the app at the same time. You can try singing/humming the tune with Shazam also!

    • Are there any lyrics you remember or that you have recorded? Try to google them and see if the Internet has something for you.

    • A more desperate attempt might be to make some inquiries as to who's in charge of your AHL team's music and ask them for a playlist.

    SoundHound as a possible alternative to Shazam, again for iOS [maybe others, idk]

    Just getting back to this. I used Shazam and when they played it at the next game I was able to get it to recognize the song. Turned out to be Bangarang by Skrillex. :o)

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