Music video that looks like "Where the Wild Things Are" (film)

  • I'm searching for a music video that has a scene exactly the same as the "Where the Wild Things Are" film, with the boy and the monster.

    It's not a song from the soundtrack! It's just an underrated song with an awesome video.

    More details would help --style of song, when you saw it (or when it came out) and which scene of the movie it reminds you of. I'm assuming you're just looking for a music video with a boy and a giant puppet monster? I have a feeling there's more than one of those...

    I can't remember the genre. but its a boy band as I remembered. could be solo also. the vocalist is a man. uploaded on utube about last year

    I remember seeing a short video similar to this (I'm not sure if it was a preview or a little collaboration,) that associated the song by "Animal Collective - Alvin Row," to this movie. This song is also not on the original soundtrack.

    I appreciate your help even its not the correct video. the whole scene of the music video have an element of where the wild things are. just like the mv was inspired by the movie. not the cut scene that fit into this video. it's just a music video inpired by that movie

  • Check out this video of Seafret - Atlantis. It features a boy and a creature that looks a little like one of the "Wild Things," except that it is all white. Perhaps is this one?

    It's set by a lake, and has a fire at the beginning, if either of those elements ring a bell.

  • The video for Featherstone by The Paper Kites features kids playing in the woods dressed up like Wild Things.

  • You may want to check this out: Zara Larsson & MNEK's Never Forget You.

    It's very similar to scenes from Seafret's "Atlantis" and Where the Wild Things Are.

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